Canadian American MIDEM and Quarterly Worldwide Radio Singles CD Signup Sheet Agreement.


Artists                                                                                                                             .

Song                                                                                                                                .

Song                                                                                                                                .

Writers                                                                                                                            .

Publisher                                                                                                                         .

NON-EXCLUSIVE Canadian American  Agreement.


Where as Canadian American will master & release your song or songs listed above as a non exclusive service to you, Supplying  your release to independent radio stations around the world that will play and chart independent artist’s. This mailing by CanadianAmerican will focus on  USA & European radio stations.

Both digital and physical stations are serviceed.

Radio charts & playlists that chart your music will be sent as they come in.

     As Your Publisher we offer Discounts:

  1. Fee is $600.00 per song on the CD compilation. We pay half of your fee if we publish your song.

  2. There is no fee for publishing & Discount may apply.

  3. There is no fee for mastering by our professional engineers.

  4. You retain 100% ownership of your master & 100% of your writers royalties.

  5. This CD with your song on it will be shopped at music conventions & M.I.D.E.M. for a licensing deal with a major or foreign label or publisher. Only you can sign acceptance of any deals presented by CanadianAmerican Records.

  6. If you accept a deal presented by CanadianAmerican Records, you will retain 75% of the advance. CanadianAmerican will keep 25% as a commission. You will then keep 100% of your artist’s & writers Royalties from the new issuing Label.

  7. You will also receive 3 copies of the CD to promote to your local radio station for airplay. (Send your Master CD & Fee now to be included)


Deposit Received                           .Balance Due                             .


Signatures Constitutes an agreement between both parties.


.                                                                               &                                                                                       .

                 Artist/ Master, Owner                               Joey Welz /CEO/Canadian American Records

(for songs we publish , discount is in effect ( each song-$300.00/)

Canadian American Records

Box 808 Lititz, PA 17543 – USA

Contact: 717-627-4800


( If the Balance is not Paid in full by the deadline, Deposit will not be reimbursed )